Top DJ Trends for Events in 2020

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We’re well into 2020 and some key DJ trends are emerging so far this year — and there has been a total shift in where you can experience a DJ performance, too.

Here’s the lay of the land for what’s hot for live DJs this year, drawn from the insights of the LUXELIFE DJ team.

Curated DJ experiences are big

More and more, we’re seeing DJs offer curated performances — think a night of music based around certain themes or genres. Some trending experiences here are based around eras in music, such as the 1970s or 1980s, as well as DJs focusing on specific genres, or on certain time periods for major genres like pop, hip-hop, etc.

Of these genres, Latin and African music is becoming increasingly popular around the globe, and are popular themes for 2020 parties. The genres that used to dominate a DJ’s setlist are becoming a lot more fluid, and you’re more likely to hear a mix of diverse genres and see more themed events now than 20 years ago. But, speaking of which…

90s/00s nostalgia is everywhere

Those who were kids in the ‘90s and ‘00s are in their 30s now, and really enjoy listening to the songs of their youth. Of all the years of music DJs can dip into, it’s the boy band, east coast/west coast rap, early EDM and big beat techno artists that are some tried-and-true crowd pleasers here.

Coming to you live on… Insta?

With the global pandemic keeping us all indoors, perhaps the biggest DJ trend of 2020 is the online performance. Increasingly a lot of major name DJs like D-Nice  and producers like Diplo are getting in front of the camera for livestreamed DJ sets on Instagram, YouTube and video conferencing platforms.

These hybrid DJ nights/dance-in-your-living room parties are blowing up, and you can also enjoy some live Instagram sets from the talented LUXELIFE DJs, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to catch the latest performance.

We’re still here to book your live events and weddings, once this is all over. If you are planning a fall party, back-to-normal brand event or private event and need a DJ, contact us now and we can help you start the planning process, even if you are holding off on setting a firm date due to the current global pandemic.

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