4 Questions You Must Ask Your DJ Before They Perform

Posted by | December 10

Four questions you need to ask your DJ to guarantee event success.

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5 Reasons Why The Best Events Rent Professional Sound and Lighting Systems

Posted by | November 15

Why professional events go with rented sound and lighting systems.

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How Professional DJs Deal with Harassment

Posted by | October 19

Learn about how a professional DJ acts during a harassment situation.

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2 DJs On Why Giving Your DJ Creative Freedom Matters

Posted by | September 25

Two LUXELIFE DJs on why giving your event DJ creative freedom creates a better experience for the music and attendees.

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6 Things You Must Not Do To A DJ During Their Set

Posted by | August 14

Don’t make any of these mistakes while a DJ is doing their thing at your party.

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TIFF Is Coming, and It’s Gonna Get Busy

Posted by | July 30

A reminder that TIFF season is coming up fast and LUXELIFE SOUND DJs are booking fast, so book your DJ now!

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How to Book a Professional DJ: Six Things to Look For

Posted by | June 21

How do you figure out which DJ is a professional and who shouldn’t go 1,000 feet near your event? Learn six key tips to booking the best DJ for your event.

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How a Live DJ Can Make Your Corporate Event Better

Posted by | May 25

Booking a professional DJ service to handle the music at your corporate event can elevate it to the next level.

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Why You Need a Professional Sound Team

Posted by | April 23

A lot of people throwing an event try to set up the DJ sound system themselves. Don’t. Here’s why you need a professional sound team.

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The Difference Between Booking a DJ and Using a Playlist

Posted by | April 1

A Spotify playlist won’t give your event the high-quality experience a professional DJ will. Here’s why hiring a DJ makes a difference.

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