5 Reasons Why The Best Events Rent Professional Sound and Lighting Systems

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A professional DJ can do a lot to create the absolutely best mood + vibe for your event. But to really execute something special — whether it’s a wedding, workplace party or corporate event — you’ll need more than just a top DJ. You’ll also need an absolutely stellar sound and lighting system.

A lot of people try to DIY this, or go with whatever in-house system they’ve been using. While this isn’t a bad option for smaller events, a bigger event will really benefit from renting professional sound and lighting equipment, set up by the pros. Here’s why.

DJ sound system rental: Why your event needs it

Guaranteed great sound for everyone in the entire room

Two speakers sitting next to the DJ booth or table doesn’t cut it for every event. Depending on the size of your venue, you may need a more complex sound setup that includes multiple speakers positioned at appropriate places throughout the room — and possibly even subs if you’re really trying to turn up the party. This is necessary to eliminate sound dropoff and ensure all your guests can be reached by the music and the vibe the DJ is creating.

The latest sound equipment technology

A lot of in-house systems consist of some worn down or outdated speakers, many of which don’t have the power to deliver the right level of volume for the physical event space, or are off balance (weak highs, too much bass). Renting sound equipment eliminates this and ensures you get current-gen equipment that is guaranteed to both be in great working order and able to fill your space with the right amount of sound.

Eliminates risk of last-minute equipment failure

Nothing is broken when you rent a professional sound system. Doing the in-house system or DIY approach means you could end up with nonfunctioning speakers, sending you racing to find a replacement. Speakers can suffer breakdowns from wear and tear, and last-minute replacements aren’t easy (or cheap), causing you unneeded stress and lost time.

Time saved because you don’t handle setup or teardown

Your time is valuable. And when you’re running an event, it is even more valuable because the clock is ticking down to event start and you have no way to change that. This is why the time saved from eliminating the need for you or your team to handle the install/teardown of the sound system provides a huge benefit, as hauling speakers and mounting them should not be one of the 100 things on your to-do list eating your time.

DJ lighting rental: Why it makes a difference

A great lighting setup for a DJ event is one of those things that makes more sense when you have actually seen it — seeing is believing after all. While it may seem extra, a professional lighting setup can really underline the mood the DJ is creating, and ensure your crowd’s senses are fully engaged and they are enjoying themselves.

Stimulate the senses to further draw people in

Great music alone goes a long way to really capturing people’s attention and engaging their emotions. But combining appropriate lighting with the music is an engagement multiplier, because our sense don’t work by themselves but rather together in a interplay of interpretation of sight and sound that better commands our attention.

Add to the mood by creating a touch of elegance and excitement

Beyond the senses, a professionally lit event will direct attention when and where you need it — for example, if the DJ is building a certain mood throughout her set, dynamic lighting can accompany this and keep the audience rapt and moving through to the very end (which can feature its own special light sequence to amplify the emotional release of the set’s conclusion). Good lighting can be the difference between a good event and a great one, elevating it to something people will really remember.

Wrapping up, the core reason to go with professional sound and lighting systems, which we can provide along with a talented Toronto female DJ for your next event, is to ensure your guests have the best experience possible. You want to maintain a level of excellence and throughout the night to ensure everyone goes home feeling good, and a professional sound and lighting setup is one of the best ways to guarantee that happens.

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