3 Things You Need to Know When Booking a DJ For a Corporate Event

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A lot of types of corporate events, from holiday parties to product launches, customer or client appreciation nights and more, require music.

Whether it’s a backdrop for end-of-the-night drinks or to keep things moving between speakers, a DJ is increasingly a common sight at business events. To make sure the event goes off without a hitch and everyone in the crowd (plus stakeholders) stay happy, a small bit of preparation is required when booking a corporate event DJ, who will absolutely 100% make your event even better.

Where to start? Here are three things you need to know before choosing a DJ.

If they’ve worked corporate parties before

DJ experience is always something to look for, ESPECIALLY when booking for corporate events. Fact is that someone who has done a lot of nights spinning in clubs is not necessarily going to be equipped for a more formal, corporate audience.

So, the first question you should be asking your prospective DJ is for their resume/CV/list of parties they’ve performed at, and how many corporate events they’ve been hired for. Get a list of these events and if you’re still not sure, ask for references.

The difference for a DJ performing for a more formal business event, which is going to be more risk-avoidant, compared to a nightclub or birthday party can be huge. A good DJ will play to their audience, and this affects a range of choices the DJ will make — from how “big” their personality is and their attire, to of course the range of musical genres they will tap into. So make sure you get the right DJ for your event and crowd.

What musical styles match your brand and audience

This question is a two-parter.

Part 1: What kind of brand are you representing? Is your brand youth-focused? Laid back? More formal? This of course has a direct impact on the musical genres the DJ can play.

Part 2: Who is your audience? Is it a formal business dinner crowd, wearing suit-and-tie, and maybe skewing a bit older? Or are you a young agency who will be filling the room with 20- and 30-somethings, who are more open-minded and, um, let’s say tolerant of a wider range of musical genres and lyrical expression.

A good DJ will want to know your answers here, so make sure you understand what music and vibe your brand carries, and just what types of people will be listening.

What the sound system and sound setup will be

This point is obvious, but can get lost amidst the busy prep work of planning and executing a corporate event.

The sound system and who is taking care of making it work with your DJ (who will be bringing their own sound gear to plug in) is something that can fly under the radar but be — no joke — the difference between event disaster and success.

The rule of thumb here is if you’re not sure, hire a professional sound team (we have one on call here at LUXELIFE, and they are lifesavers). If your event space is already set up for sound, that doesn’t mean it will be ready to go come event time. A lot of venues and spaces neglect to maintain their PA system, leaving it to age with outdated sound tech, and this can result in bad sound or, worse, no sound at all due to tech incompatibility or failure.

If you have your own sound team ready, make sure you ask your DJ for their technical requirements, and be prepared to answer their questions about what kind of sound system they will be using. Avoiding any potential sound problems also ensures your DJ can stay focused on what really matters — the music, their performance and keeping the crowd engaged and happy.

Corporate event planners come in a variety of shapes and sizes — from the full-timers dedicated to running events, to marketing staff who are called upon infrequently to put an event together. But no matter your experience in this space, it’s always important to find the right DJ agency for your event. This doesn’t mean the first one that comes up on Google or has the lowest price (BIG amount of caution is in order here, in our humble opinion) but has the right combination of experience and focus on the client — that means you — and their needs to ensure everything goes smoothly.

At LUXELIFE, we know every event is different, and pride ourselves on working closely with clients to ensure success. We’ve worked events for some great clients, and you can read what they have to say. If you have any questions about what your Toronto corporate event needs, get in touch with us today.

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