3 Reasons Why Using a DJ Agency Is the Best Way to Book a Wedding DJ

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Your big day is coming up, and you’re looking for a wedding DJ to provide perfect music for your wedding ceremony, reception, cocktails — from start to finish, you need a DJ for the whole thing.

As you Google around, read reviews and browse wedding service listing websites, a question arises that you hadn’t thought about before: Do you book your DJ from a DJ agency or instead hire an independent DJ directly? What’s the difference anyway?

Obviously we’re big fans of hiring your Toronto wedding DJ through an agency like LUXELIFE, however we understand that for those on very limited budgets, booking a freelance DJ directly is one of your only options. But for those looking to hire a stress-free, professional DJ, using a DJ agency is absolutely your best choice. Here are three reasons why.

You get professional management whose full-time job is your wedding success

When you hire a wedding DJ agency, you don’t get a DJ who is playing music in between their other, real job. You get full-time professional agency staff who are singularly devoted to making sure your wedding succeeds and is absolutely awesome, AND you get a professional DJ for your wedding.

This translates into superior overall service for you, the client: quicker response times to your questions, the ability to make sure your specific wedding music needs are fully met, and the flexibility to guarantee you get a great DJ, even if your initial DJ choice gets sick and can’t perform.

But you get more than that. Importantly, you benefit from the deep experience a full-time DJ agency has in weddings, such as knowing what potential problem points are before they happen (like what sound system is best for your venue), and the general sixth-sense knowledge of just what must be in place for flawless wedding music.

You get an experienced professional sound crew wiring up your venue

With a DJ agency, you get more than just the DJ herself. You also get the services of a professional sound-tech team, who are experienced wiring up and putting great audio systems into a variety of wedding venues — century-old halls, historic buildings, country barns, you name it, they’ve hooked it up.

This saves you the stress of figuring out the sound system yourself (STRONGLY not advised) or having to hire a separate sound team to set everything up.

You get a guaranteed, experienced, amazing professional DJ

Saving the most important point for last, when you hire a DJ through an agency you are getting a guaranteed, professional and top-quality wedding DJ. Someone who lives and breathes professional DJing: not someone who dabbles in it once or twice a year, but someone who is regularly playing rooms and DJing at major events, parties, corporate launches and more.

This extends beyond their experience and skills both technically as well as musically: knowing how to read a room, knowing how the crowd will react to particular songs or styles, knowing that there are songs you play during cocktail hour and then there are songs you play during first dance. What’s more, an agency DJ will have a certain level of tact and professionalism in the way they play music,talk to the crowd, and will of course be impeccably dressed for the wedding occasion.

If you’re interested in seeing what we mean, check out our DJ profiles page, read some of our client testimonials and contact us with any questions about your wedding and the music you need to make it completely unforgettable.

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