Top DJ Trends for Events in 2020

Posted by | April 16

We’re well into 2020 and some key DJ trends are emerging so far this year: learn what’s hot for live DJ performances.

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2 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Running Your Own Event Sound

Posted by | January 6

Going DIY for your event sound? Discover some major make-or-break mistakes you absolutely should avoid.

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3 Key Differences That Professional DJs Have Over Amateur DJs

Posted by | September 27

Learn three key differences that a professional DJ has for your event or wedding over an amateur.

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3 Reasons Why Using a DJ Agency Is the Best Way to Book a Wedding DJ

Posted by | August 26

Should you use a DJ agency or hire a wedding DJ directly? Discover key reasons why it’s better to book a wedding DJ through an agency over a freelancer.

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3 Things You Need to Know When Booking a DJ For a Corporate Event

Posted by | July 16

From brand to sound system, read three things you need to know before booking a corporate event DJ.

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DJs Versus Live Band: Why More Events Are Opting for a DJ

Posted by | June 17

Booking a DJ instead of a band is increasingly popular for live events. Find out four reasons why.

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3 Top DJ Trends for Events in 2019

Posted by | May 16

From songs to styles, trends for DJ events are changing in 2019. Here are 3 key changes you need to know.

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5 Questions Your DJ Should Ask YOU Before They Perform

Posted by | March 15

Want to make sure you’re booking a professional DJ? Five questions they should ask you before the music starts.

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4 Things to Know Before Booking a Marketing Event DJ

Posted by | February 20

Get four important must-do tips for managing a marketing or corporate event with a live DJ.

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Top 5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Toronto Wedding DJ

Posted by | January 16

Learn five things you absolutely must get straight with your wedding DJ before your big day.

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